Went to the doctors about possibly having an eating disorder

I told her a bit about how i felt about food and the things i did. All she asked me was If i threw up or abused laxitives and because I do neither of those and am still in the healthy weight range, she spoke in a way that made me feel like there was nothing wrong with me, it kind of confirmed my fears of telling people about my eating habits, I always assumed that they’d think i was stupid or looking for attention.

Then she suggests that i go to an ED clinic, does she honestly think im going to go after shes acted like there’s no problem with me at all? Id feel like shit sitting in a room full of people with really bad ED’s and im the only one there that doesn’t have a problem.

Only ever told 3 people and each one has dismissed it, how the hell am i gonna figure out if i actually have one or not if no one takes me seriously.


I seem to take a lot of pictures of my sister so I thought I’d make a montage of her life so far.

this is so cute :D

When people ask what’s wrong they should just believe me when i say nothing or accept the fact that im lying because i don’t want to talk about it.

Rather than repeating the question or making it about them.

Was about to bin some left over chicken from a takeaway i had 4 days ago. And the fucking bag rips. Spilling a shitload of chicken all over the stairs….

Sooooooo glad i managed to clean it up before my mum saw it.

I forgot to bin the leftovers from last nights takeaway so now my room smells delicious.

I think my mums offended at the fact that i spend most of my time in my room since I’ve come home from uni. Well maybe she should stop being so fucking annoying then.

This baby is adorable